AE 1000NX/1100NX Utility Inverter Platform

Best-in-Class LCOE for Utility-Scale Solar Power

AE 1000NXThe 1000NX/1100NX platform's unique ±1000 VDC bipolar system topology dramatically reduces DC homerun wiring costs, while powerful grid management features anticipate emerging standards and ease integration.

The 1000NX inverter leverages an 1100 kVA rating to support wide power factor ranges without sacrificing active power production. The 1100NX inverter enables a full 1100 kW of active power production to allow for optimizing seasonal voltage support requirements with additional overdrive capability, for improved energy harvest potential.

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AE 1000NX/1100NX Utility Inverter Platform Benefits
  • ±1000 VDC bipolar system topology for dramatically reduced DC wire costs
  • Field-proven power conversion performance for maximum ROI and energy harvest
  • Innovative DC recombiner solution with integrated sub-array monitoring
  • Additional active power production for broader plant optimization
  • Expanded utility control capabilities for emerging standards such as IEEE-1547a
  • Superior ground fault detection and support of rapid plant commissioning
  • Premier worldwide application and maintenance network

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