Advanced Energy is winding down its solar inverter business.

Although AE inverter products have been discontinued, AE continues to offer solar O&M services—covering everything from your inverters to PV modules, electrical systems, tracking systems, and periodic reporting.

Inverter Direct Monitoring
Advanced Energy’s SiteLink monitoring solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools for system owners, installers, and financiers to monitor and maintain their PV assets. 
Effective solar performance monitoring optimizes system output and maximizes ROI.
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  • Inverter direct monitoring
    • Provides end customer and installer a view into inverter and fleet performance
    • Hardware included with inverter
    • Simple network installation
    • No service contracts or agreements needed
  • Customer Portal
    • Interactive user experience enables system owners to manage their asset
    • Public dashboards as a standard feature
  • Installer Portal
    • Robust portal enables installers and O&M providers to manage their customers and their assets
    • Configurable email alerting capabilities
    • Role-based access control