AE 100TX

Three-phase inverter solutions for small commercial projects

Continuous Power: 100 kW AC
Operating Range: 295 V - 600 V
Peak Efficiency: 97.1% (480 V)

AE 100TX commercial inverters set the industry standard for high reliability, ease of installation, and lifetime maintainability. Designed for a 20+ year operating life, their busbar power connections, redundant cooling system, and card cage circuit board design result in remarkable reliability, and a track record of 99+% uptime. With a best-in-class efficiency of 96%, the highly integrated system is designed to save installers time and money with load break rated AC and DC service disconnects, neutral-free installation, oversized busbar landings, and generous cable bending area with bottom and side entry options.
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  • Designed for 20+ year operating life
  • Large DC sub-combiner area with the industry’s most flexible fusing options
  • Full power output at 295 VDC enables more PV array design options
  • All maintenance and service via front access
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