Advanced Energy is winding down its solar inverter business.

Although AE inverter products have been discontinued, AE continues to offer solar O&M services—covering everything from your inverters to PV modules, electrical systems, tracking systems, and periodic reporting.
Premium Site Level Monitoring
A commercial PV systems represents a significant investment for the system owner. This investment needs to be recouped over time by maximizing energy production. Data monitoring is an essential part of achieving maximum energy production. A commercial-scale monitoring system is capable of quickly alerting the responsible party to systems outages and system underperformance. Data monitoring tools are also essential to capture historic production data and management of revenue-grade data for production/REC payments.

  • Flexible all-in-one monitoring hardware packages
  • Optional revenue-grade meter
  • Cell modem options
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  • Inverter-integrated hardware options
  • Integrated industry-standard gateway
  • Integrated revenue meter
  • Flexible, integrated subcombiner monitoring options
AE Commercial Monitoring Solutions data sheet